Santini & Rocha Architects with Perto India!

"Advancing the construction of the Perto unity, from the Digicon group, now in India.
The company, which operates in commercial and banking automation, has its headquarters and production in Gravataí, and branch office in Barueri (SP).
The new fabric, scheduled for completion in 2016, is located in Jaipur, arid area like the "caatinga" in the Northeast, as described by Robert Baur, CEO of Perto India.
To meet Indian customers such as ICICI Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Bhandara DCC Bank and Nasik Devlalim, Perto currently has 62 employees in India, in Jaipur, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Indore and Pune.
The Intent of the company, says Baur, is not to transfer activities in the state, but to ensure presence in the automotive market that the whole world is watching.
The ambition is to integrate operations, with the Brazilian team participating in the monitoring of projects in India, where contributions come from products to Brazil. This week, Perto shows developed terminals for the local market in Ibex India 2015, in Mumbai. One of the equipment works up to 24 hours without electricity - at this point, a good starting point for trade with Brazil."

Source: Zero Hora
Date: 1/15/2015